You don’t have to be Muslim to understand, you just have to be human!Thousands of innocent children and babies are being massacred,Mothers and father dropping dead like flies, and how can we just stand by and watch?
Having to make signs like these just shows how low society has grown, but if it makes any difference then I shall I refuse to stay silent.
I may be one voice among few, but I am human and I hope you are human enough too to reblog this and show your support.


anidala tangled au based off a couple tweets i made the other day & a piece of concept art i really like! (spoiler: obi-wan is the horse)


Hoping to make him feel better and without knowing she would make the same sacrifice for her own children, Padmé said that what a parent needed for her child was to know that he had been given a chance of a better life.

She’s not one to follow orders.